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Don't let your inventory sit on the shelves. Offer your products online for the world to see.
At Tur Esaki, Our goal is to make e-commerce affordable and accessible to local retailers.

Remember, this endeavour has never been undertaken, so there might be a few bumps on the road. As we go, we'll open up a new frontier in island commerce. This project will connect all our island economies, enabling local retailers and manufacturers to remain self-sufficient and sustain themselves through borderless trade.   

Selling on Tur Esaki is simple.

  1. Register your seller account for free
  2. Upload your products (photos and descriptions)
  3. Sell locally and internationally
  4. Receive monthly payouts via your local (or international) bank account

General membership is free. We only charge a 6% commission on payment transactions when customers pay online.
Need help with maintaining the store? No problem, we'll do it for you for a low monthly fee, starting at $10.

Ready to get started? Visit our registration page for new sellers.

*p.s. Selling on Tur Esaki is only available to legitimate businesses, registered at the Aruba Chamber of Commerce.

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